One of the most common barriers for an individual to enter a triathlon event is the fear of swimming in the open water. In an online educational masterclass, hosted by Greensborough Triathlon Club, open water swim specialist Charlie Evans discussed strategies for overcoming fear of the open water and building confidence for tackling the swim leg in a triathlon.

“One of the best ways to conquer a fear…is to expose ourselves to it over and over again. This applies to swimming in the ocean. Do it over and over again. Each time, it is a little less scary.”

“No one is getting into the cold ocean saying to themselves, ‘hey this is really fun and this is going to be great’. It is always cold, it is always going to be hard when you first get in, but the more you expose yourself to that environment, the better you get at it.”

Charlie is a coach who fell in love with ocean swimming and the benefits it brings. Swimming isn’t just about performance and conquering a triathlon. It’s also amazing for muscle recovery, mental health, and an endorphin release.

Greensborough Triathlon Club online masterclasses are on each Wednesday night at 7pm via zoom and all are welcome to attend.

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